Sept. 17 Performance

I’ll be performing Sunday September 17 at Starbright Farm Art Bazaar

Starbright Farm

271 Westbend School Rd, Lewisville, North Carolina 27023
Pick a song  and tweet / email / post :


Magic in the Mud


Can’t lie

Switchflick (Instrumental)

Kick (Black and Swollen)

Time for War (Pt.1 & Pt.2)


Drag Race (Instrumental)

Rose Hill

I Know you Know  (Jack Gorham)

What you Want

Noel & Leon (Ted Bernthal)

Penetrating Eyes

Waiting (Mark Beuhring)

Not Knowing


So Love Goes

Times (Never been a Friend)

Funny Feeling

Road to Ruin

Circle of Friends

Just Wanna Be


Sickening Stand

Hey Mr

Sunday Brunch

Cartoon Drive

Snow DayBea

John Dill (Where are You ?)